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12 Month Internet Millionaire

12 Month Internet Millionaire is back with a new and improved version – version 2.0.  Get your free MP3 player with it here.  This is training that you shouldn’t go without hearing.   The original 12 Month Internet Millionaire by Russell Brunson, which came out a few years ago,  featuring Vincent James was a smash hit.  It was based on the original book by Vincent James – 12 Month Millionaire that details how he made 100 Million in one year, and details the exploits of his massively successful mail order business, how he built up his magazine and direct mail order business to astounding heights.  Russell discussed with Vincent how he built up his business, and their discussion covered all aspects of Vincent’s business and was very insightful and contained quite a bit of useful and very good information.  If you missed the first one, you should DEFINATLY take Russell and crew up on their free MP3 player with this new training, and even if you DID get the first one, you should definately take him up on this one.  In this one, Russell is going to go over much more of how to directly apply the information, tips, and tactics contained within to your business.  I personally can’t wait for this to come out and will be ordering it the second it’s available.  You can see the original 12 Month Internet Millionaire here until his new 2.0 version comes out.


Product Launch Manager

Product Launch Manager – Product launch manager is the newest addition to the stable from Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula.  What is one of the biggest problems people have with internet marketing courses?  If you don’t have a list, don’t have affiliates, and even if you don’t know where to begin, Product Launch Manager is the product to help you.  Not just tips and tricks, it’s a complete, full out, sustainable business method.  If you’ve been laid off, don’t have a job, or are looking to get into business online, this is the perfect opportunity for you.  Jeff Walker, the master of product launches, is going to teach you how to manage other peoples product launches.  Jeff Walker did an internal launch to his list last summer, as a $25,000 live event, which sold out in under an hour.  He’s now doing it as an online coaching program which will include Product Launch Formula 2.0, as well as quite a few other goodies.  He’s also going to be re-releasing Product Launch Formula about a month after this…  If you’ve heard of Jeff Walker, you know what he and his products are capable of.  If not, you’ve got to check him out…


CPA Tsunami

CPA Tsunami is the latest product from Mike Hill, which is going to be released at end of this month.  It’s a killer product, I was fortunate enough to win Marketing Tsunami as a door prize last night at the AIMEN – Austin Internet Marketers Entrepreneur Network get together at Six Lounge.  I was immediately impressed with the packaging….  CPA Tsunami comes in a HUGE heavy duty black box with the logo for CPA Tsunami in gold on the top and sides.  When you open the box, you see a beautifully put together product, two manuals on either side of the box, with an internet marketing terms glossary pamphlet.  In the center of the package are the Introduction/Quick Start Guide, along with the CPA Tsunami disks I-IX and three bonus DVD’s.  It’s quite an impressive package, and it doesn’t stop there.  The content and information contained within CPA Tsunami is definately well put together, and has extremely solid content.  To check out CPA Tsunami, go HERE.  Also, if you purchase through my link, send me your reciept and upon verification, you will receive as a CPA Tsunami bonus, the recordings from my SEO class here –  These are the rough drafts of a product that is going to be released as Total Search Domination at and will initially sell for over one thousand dollars.  If you are interested in CPA Tsunami, purchase it through my affiliate link HERE and send me your reciept, and after verification, I will send you the download information for the best CPA Tsunami bonus package around…  Total Search Domination.


Content Network Targeting Training – PPC Training

Content Network and Content Networking training - Google’s content network targeting has pretty much been the wild, wild, west as far at pay per clieck goes, and Google pay per click in specific.  Google has two pay per click networks, their search network, and their cntent network.  The wolds most renouned expert on pay per click, Perry Marshall, comes to Shelley Ellis for information on the content netowrk.  Nitro Marketing has also just partnered with Shelley Ellios to deliver the first of it’s kind, specific training on the content network.  What the content network is is a network of sie publishers who publish content,and then allow the display of Google ads on their sites.   You coulde easily be on your competitors site and be taking traffic right away from them in what you will learnin this class.  This class, however, is limited to the first 250 people, and includes some bonuses that make the price of the course seem like childs play.  Anyone in the internet marketing world knows that inforamtion products are not cheap….well, this one might just break that mold.  It’s within the reach of anyone, including newbies, and doesn’t skimp on the how to’s or anything.  I personally signed up for the course a little over a moth ago, and highly recommend ANYONE gettting involed in PPC take a lok at this and get it.  It can produce 5 to 100 times more traffic, and at a savings of 60 to 80% off what you would be paid to be in the search results PPC.  Get it today here while you still can.


Which Internet Marketing Guru Should YOU Follow?

Which internet marketing guru should you follow?  Unless you have bottomless pockets to buy every course that comes out, and an entire staff to mine through the bottomless pile of content you will amass, you should do a few things, and then stick with one or two. If you DO have bottomless pockets, 48 hours in your day, and a staff, click on every link on this site, and buy everything….LOL  ;)

But no, seriously…

Identify what it is you are trying to accomplish, prioritize, and then stick with it.  Do you want to make money via affiliate marketing?  Do you want to create your own product? or do you know what you want to do?

Affiliate marketing basically is selling someone elses product for a commission.  You can go to ClickBank and find plenty of digital products you can promote.  Create a blog, site, or e-mail to you list about the products on the site, and start making money that way.  You could make a themed blog or site about dogs, then search Google for “dog affiliate programs” and look through what you find.  Go to some dog product sites, and search at the bottom of the sites to see if they have a “partners” or “affiliates” link.  E-mail the site owner.

You could alternately create your own products and sell them.  This requires a bit more effort and disipline to get started.  You have to create at least some sort of product, but you’d get to keep all of the revenue you generated from it, unless of course you setup your own affiliate program, which I’d highly recommend at some point.  That way, instead of just having one person and site promoting your product (you), you have an army of affiliates promoting it.  You can activly search out affiliates in much the same way.  Find site owners who compliment what you are offering, and ask them if they’d like to feature your product on their site, or if they’d e-mail thier lists about it, for a percentage.

There are many general internet marketing courses offering instruction on how to get up and going online.  Nitro Marketing, Kevin Wilke, Dan Swanson, Matt Gill, etc. offers the Nitro Blueprint, which walks you, step by step, in getting up and going online.

The Internet Marketing Center alternately offers a product that also walks you through the process of getting up and going with the online marketing process, the Insiders Secrets to Marketing Your Business Online.

If you are extremely ADHD and want to create a product/site in a matter of hours with minimal effort, check out Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity.  This training is good, comes preloaded on a FREE MP3 player, and walks you through the entire process in a very short time.

You will want to figure out how to drive traffic and build a list once you have a site up and running.

You can literally have traffic banging at your door in a matter of minutes with PPC, you can check out some PPC (Pay Per Click) resources here.

You will need to be able to somehow accept money for your products, which you can do through PayPal, ,  InfusionSoft, etc.  PayPal is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest, but it’s more of a hassle for  the buyer, and doesn’t integrate as much.  1shopping cart is a good place to start, and they have an offering that incorporates affiliates, e-mail autoresponder, and shopping cart.  Infusionsoft does this as well, but at a much higher price point, so unless you are either funded, or a bit further along, you’ll probably want to forgo that from the beginning, especially if you are starting out as a hobby or part time.

Once you are up and running online, you will want to start looking at some more advanced techniques and strategies.  Products such as Frank Kern’s Mass Control 2.0 and Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula and other similar products.  You can re-release your initial products using advanced techniques that you would learn in the above courses.

There are a GAZILLION resources, products, and people willing to sell, provide, and equipt you with everything you could possible imagine to succeed online.   If you have any questions or guidance with any of them, feel free to drop me a line or respond to this post.


Headway Premium Wordpress Theme

Headway has just come out with a premium wordpress theme that makes creating and editing your site and blog MUCH easier.  You can move, create, drag and drop, and bascially create a very professional looking site without doing any coding at all.  It’s extremely flexible and completely amazing and available now.  Get the new Headway wordpress theme now here!!


Google Subscribed Links – How to Wordpress

Google subcribed links give you an easy way to stay in front of your customers with Google accounts, as well as show up on the first page of the search engines without any search engine optimization, pay per click, or anything other than a few minutes time on your part.

Simply, provide an xml, rss, or tsv (tab separated values), and sign up at:

Simply input your feed, and you are basically done.

There is a plugin for Wordpress, Google Subscribed Links, which can be found  here:

Install this plugin in Wordpress, then submit a link formatted like:

Whereas, normally the feed for wordpress would be with the plugin installed, format you url with the /?coop=1 and it works great.


Affiliate Classroom 2.0

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 – After two years in underground developmnet, Anik Singal and Affiliate Classroom 2.0 will finally be released/launched.  According to Anik, the best way to compare or describe Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is to an online university.  Affiliate Classroom 2.0 will be releasing over 50 classes on online affiliate marketing, from complete beginner to totaly advanced.    Affiliate Classroom 2.0 will also include a variet of tools, including keyword research tools and even a site building tool!  Anik Singal and friends have developed a proprietary, step by step online training system that trackes a students progress from beginning to end, and you completely your Affiliate Classroom 2.o training with certification.  It’s taken Anik well over 2 years to develop Affiliate Classroom 2.0 and promises to be his biggest launch yet.  We’ll see how Affiliate Classroom 2.0 holds up.  He’s just coming off the success of Launch Tree with Mike Filsaime and now with Affiliate Classroom 2.0, should nail down this year as a very successful one for him.  Ope in here now to check out Affiliate Classroom 2.0.


Social Media Money System – Social Media Money Matrix

Social Media Money System by Perry Marshall and Ryan Deiss is about to be released.  This is a system that you should take note of .  These guys won the contest with Frank Kern’s recently released Mass Control 2.0, and they reveal their systems in this course that is going to sell out very quickly.   They have limited numbers printed up, and it will go fast.  You can get copies of some of the content already, they’ve posted their hand drawn Social Media Money Matrix which you can grab here.  You’ll want to get in on the Social Media Money System early while they are still available.  Visit their link and get on their notification list.  Social Media is everywhere now, and this course by some of the biggest names in the industry will help you discover how to best monetize it and make sure you aren’t left behind.  Social Media Money System – learn how to incorporate and monetize Social Media Money System into your business today.


Search Engine Optimization Affiliate Program

Search engine optimization affiliate program – If you are looking for a search engine optimization affiliate program, there are a number that come to mind, depending on the needs of your audience and who they are.  One of the largest current Search Engine Optimization affiliate programs out there today is located here.  They feature a faculty of some of the best in the business and you can get their initial training for a dollar.  Yep, only a dollar.  Not bad, eh?  It features two DVD’s the first of which is the initial version of their product, which is quite dated, but the second disk features quite a bit of recent, applicable information that you could readily use to make great strides in your rankinds and greatly improve your bottom line.     The second, which is a publication that you purchase and features an annual subscription with purchase, is located here.  The second one has been around for well over 10 years, and is very established.

If you want to keep current in the search engine world, truth of the matter is that you need to be constantly reading and keeping up with well over two sources, as well as have the ability to run your own tests to test out what is being said and “declaired as fact.”  Just because someone says something is true, doesn’t necessisarily mean that it is so.    BUT, if you are looking for a search engine affiliate prgram or product, the above two will definately get you headed on the right track.

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